Arik and Tali Hirshberg, Israel

Traveler's Democatic Testimonial

"Sarvesh was the first face of India when we arrived with our 2 kids. He is extremely lovely person, very helpful, has a great knowledge with extraordinary level of service. He will do everything to fulfill all of your requests (big or small) with the most charming way. The days we spent with him and with Param were magnificent, making us feel the place in a way we could not do with any one else. Both Param and Sarvesh were amazing with the kids (9 and 12 years old) and we felt like friends after very short time together. We absolutely experienced their unique point of view - as travelers to travelers. This reflected in many aspects : planning special trips, very high professionalism, great tips, good connections, extraordinary and creative ideas to explore the city in an unforgettable way, and on top of all they are very fun to be with. We will definitely stay in touch and use their excellent services in our next trip to India."   

טליה רג׳ואן, 

עו״ד ונוטריון


Laurie & Mela, United Kingdom

Traveler's Democatic Testimonial

Dear travelers democratic,

Thank you for what we can only describe as an incredible holiday, thanks to the expert guide and companion, Sarvesh. Sarvesh sorted all our accommodation and the travel arrangements for our two stop holiday first in Mumbai and then in South Goa. The hotel arrangements in Mumbai were just what we had ordered, a fantastic hotel in a great location. Our personalised daily itinerary maxed out our expectations, lots of sightseeing, good, safe private transport and sound advice on where to eat and drink. Were we left high and dry after our first week? not at all.  Sarvesh ensured we got to Mumbai airport and arranged a safe reliable driver to pick us at in South Goa. We wanted a beach hut break, in a quiet location away from the tourist spots.  Did Sarvesh deliver?  Yes, without doubt he had organised a tropical paradise ! ... what’s more he visited and spent time with us at our accommodation to ensure all was well. Would we recommend travelers democratic? ….. you bet ! we cant wait for our next tailor made vacation


Melati Rehman, Indonesia

Traveler's Democatic Testimonial

This was not just an ordinary trip, but a very incredible voyage of a first timer who set her feet in a multicolored land, named India. 

Along my journey, I'd been greeted by two lovely onii-chan(s); Sarvesh and Param, from them I learned about the beauty of this country. Tracing back to its historical root of past and present, absorbing the cultural uniqueness of Hindustan--their best foods in town and Bollywood industry were part of my A-list, pleasing all my senses. 


As a young girl who dreams a lot, I felt a strong love and admiration towards India like for no other countries.


Dennis McGettigan, Ireland &

Amer Sublaman, U.S.A.

Traveler's Democatic Testimonial

Dennis McGettigan, Ireland

Thank you very much Param for a wonderful time. Really appreciated it.

Amer Sublaman, U.S.A.

Thank you Param, you are a kind and gentle guy. Very genuine. We really had a great time and we are telling everyone here. You are amazing for what you do. We had an amazing time, if you are ever in the US please look us up. You made our visit to India well worth every minute.

Nick Champness, Australia

Traveler's Democatic Testimonial

We had initially booked a fairly standard tour with Paramveer Singh. However once we arrived it became quickly apparent that Mr Singh was driven to ensure we had the best possible experience. We made several unusual requests and nothing was too much trouble. We were escorted to locations not often seen by tourists and blessed with the wealth of knowledge Mr Singh had of the region and the customs. He had no problem with our brash Australian accents while at the same time speaking very clearly. It was a pleasure and highlight to have spent a few days exploring the region with him and his driver. We have no hesitation in recommending his services and will engage him again should we head back. 

Raji Sundaram, Switzerland

My sister and I did a private city tour of Mumbai in November 2018 with Paramveer as our guide. Paramveer really made our experience memorable; not only was he very professional and knowledgeable but also extremely helpful and flexible and very client-oriented. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any tourist to India and wish him all the very best with his company!