The last word in ‘Personalized’ curation for every budget!

Through our distinctive 'getting to know you' process, we understand you and your fellow travelers, the kind of experiences that would mesmerize you, or the combination of places that come together within a vacation to give you the absolute bliss that you had sought after when you first thought of this hard earned holiday! We guarantee those smiles will be much broader than you had ever imagined them to be!

Probably the only guys who’ll tell you this: Your safety is our responsibility!! While curating your holiday we also consider things like food preferences, palate, meal timings, sleep patterns, age, mobility, medical history etc. which enables us to ensure every place you stay at matches your personality and comfort, every meal you eat is a celebration of your palate, and your travel modes and commute times are such that you fall in love with each waking moment, and are rested like a baby whenever your sleep pattern demands.


So whether you wanna go above the clouds on some of the world’s highest mountains or on the most pristine sun kissed beaches, or anywhere in between; whether you wanna let your hair down at the wildest parties or relax your mind and body and enrich your soul; or learn about the vast culture, food or history of this land and immerse yourself in its extremely rich heritage; whether it’s your 1st time here and you want to take in all the known areas of interest or whether you wanna explore the least known treasures (or maybe both?) we understand ‘you’ and what you really seek from the place you’re traveling to and the holiday you dream of, to bring together individualized holidays that leave you spellbound and ‘happy’.


The service categories below showcase some of the places we have we have been fortunate enough to leave our footprints, and those of our guests, on. These are only to give you an idea of the level of individualization we excel at as we firmly believe no two travelers are the same and hence no two holidays can be the same.

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