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Kanheri. The 40 feet Buddha twins and the dining room.

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

I first met the Buddhas in person at the age of 9 years. They are 40 feet tall. I was in awe.

Kanheri Caves, Tavelers Democratic
Kanheri Caves

The main prayer hall at the kanheri caves has 2, 40 feet Buddha statues by the entrance and every time I look at them I wonder about their creator’s motivation. The Buddha is a realized master and the statues with all their magnitude reflect the same.

In the deep jungle of the Sanjay Gandhi National park, located in the city of Mumbai are the remains of a Buddhist monastery that stretched across centuries, called the Kanheri caves. The park is a Forest department of India undertaking but the caves belong to the Archaeological survey of India. Time to put on your field hat J.

Kanheri Caves,Traveler's Democratic

"On any day the monkeys will rob you of your food and water and the caves are in a jungle so you are not allowed after 1700 hrs, the leopards don’t like to be disturbed in the evenings."

A day in the winters is an ideal setup. Get to the caves in the morning around 9. Mumbai has mild winter weather. A pair of walking shoes is a must. The complex is on a hill and has a total of 103 discovered caves. It is big and has a view of the Pagoda from the Top of the hill. I prefer to be early and get some alone time in the prayer hall, the acoustics are surreal and if you are into meditation you will certainly take back something from here. They have a canteen selling water and Local Mumbai fast food. A better idea would be to buy Cucumbers and berries from the vendors from inside the park. You will find them dotted along the road from the gate of the park to the caves.

Kanheri Caves - Traveler's Democratic
Paramveer Singh Behniwal@Kanheri Caves

The dining room is another cave with similar acoustic design to the Main prayer hall and has the best preserved statues on its walls. Much smaller than the Prayer hall and hence attracts lesser visitors.

A splendid place to fire up the imagination of humans across all age groups. A day with your family or a nice dedicated day to fitness(rent a bicycle from the national park). For me it is much more.

Drive through the park, rent a bicycle at the gate or catch a local bus from the park entrance.

Make a great day and thank me later….I mean share your experience with me.


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