Born out of the love for travel and travelers we are a travel company that believes your experiences within each place you travel to should be as unique and as exhilarating as ‘you’ are. Each place, each destination, be it on the regular tourist circuit or off the beaten path, offers a myriad of experiences, culture, food, sounds, sights and color; and through our understanding of every corner of this land combined with our distinctive 'getting to know you' process, we curate for you exactly 'that' - which makes your smiles broader than you had imagined.


Bringing together over 30 years of collective travel experience, across the Indian sub-continent, we are your personalized trip planners with absolute safety, care, transparency and quality as our primary drivers.

We cater to all travelers, across all budgets and no request is too farfetched for us. As absolute animal lovers and travelers ourselves, we also help you travel with your pets if you so desire, because no we can't leave our four legged and feathered friends behind!

Traveler’s Democratic – The Journey


Two travelers on different routes


Sarvesh: The soul traveler chose his roots well I guess! A father who inculcated and indulged the almost pathological need for travel. Throughout the peaks and valleys of this fascinating journey thus far, through everything I did for coin, one thing remained constant. Travel.

I could never sit at a desk nor drive a project site without getting out every few months. The soul needs it, the mind needs it and in Mumbai the lungs need it. Anyplace. Anyhow. Just go.


You can never have enough friends the old man used to say. Traveler’s bond eh?

Every drink in every cafe, beach, mountain or on the street, everyone I met asked me the same thing: “Do you blog? No?? You should!!” That incidentally I have heard from Param every single time we were together, sharing a tipple over travel tales. And then one day in the midst of a conversation on the pitfalls in travel came the statement “Okay, if you can’t blog, you at least gotta do something to help travelers!”

And Traveler’s Democratic...

Param: Wanderlust. It is almost spiritual to me and selfish after you have put down your roots. The motorcycles were already sold, everyone started settling down, the soul got busy. Wanderlust stayed.

All the Travelers I hosted over the last few years always asked me to go full time, show people India. I guess they liked what they saw with me. To be honest I was overwhelmed and unsure. Switching to to this full time alone, constantly rang the alarm bells in my thought process.

Introducing Mr. Sarvesh Arora, buddy! Traveler of course, sporting wanderlust. We agreed to set up Travelers Democratic.

The paths unite

For Traveler’s, By Travelers


The hosting of travelers and helping them see this land had begun. The feeling that comes from seeing those heartfelt smiles, content that they had gotten more than their money and time’s worth, and the ‘I don’t wanna go back’ expressions at airports became an addiction for us. The amazing people met, the experiences shared, the information exchanged, the knowledge acquired and the expansion of the mind and heart were more rewards than we could have ever asked for.

While all the bonds forged have been dear to the heart, a few are such that just 'have' to be mentioned here. 

We meet new travelers almost everyday, but every once in a while comes along someone who we instantly know is very special. Michelle La Mar is definitely that person. The bonding was instant and we probably had more fun than she did. The site you are on would have never been around had it not been for Michelle.

To Michelle: We just can’t thank you enough for the push.

Traveler's Democatic
Traveler's Democatic

Since March this year, whenever we have spoken on 'bonds forged through travel we haven't been able to close it without mentioning Arik and Tali Hirshberg and their two wonderful boys, Ori and Nadav. Thank you guys so much for coming over and we look forward to many more. You guyz are family!

To Melati Rahmah from Indonesia: We could never have guessed that travel would give both of us a kid sister. The best halal food in India and the best Indian sweets shall always be a part of your travels here and that’s a promise. A big thank you to your parents for including us in their family

Traveler's Democatic

Joining the dot(com)s


“You guys just ‘have’ to get a website!” Said Michelle over and over again, in those 3 days. “Just do it!”

We knew Nike wasn’t the reason she was saying that, so we got to it.


The six months since have been manic: Disagreements, arguments, agreements and consensus on how it should look. Then Disagreements again.

The hunt for the right designer. Five weeks of sifting through prospects, still no one who near about gets who we are and what this is all about.

Sick, till we wanna throw a fit or a punch (or each other off the 45th floor) of designers and developers of ‘commercial’ sites saying ‘okay, so travel agents right?’


Enter Soniya Singh Khatkar a.k.a SSK, the pocket sized Jat (a warrior caste) dynamite from... Mumbai?

From the moment she walked into the room the wave lengths matched as did the zeal and we knew we had found a winner. She understood exactly who we are and what we do. And what we wanna do. Now there was the 3 of us: Disagreements, arguments, agreements and consensus. Add to that Soniya’s frequent admonishment at some ideas from us: “Guys!! You’re not 'travel agents'!! This cannot go on the site, its too commercial!”

@hashtagssk: This couldn’t have been without you. And you’re not getting off the hook yet.

To all the travelers who have been a part of Traveler’s Democratic, our heartfelt gratitude. Your love and support continue to guide and inspire us and keep our hearts and arms open for travelers from across the globe.

Know Your Hosts



Born in Mumbai to a Travel Trade family of immigrants from the northern state of Punjab, Param has been living here ever since and has been witness to the evolution of this glorious and indescribably multifaceted country. A biker, a wanderer, a rally enthusiast and a spiritual seeker; Param was one of the earliest motorcycle riders from Mumbai to Ladakh in the northernmost tip of India over the highest motor-able roads in the world. His love for travel and his understanding of India and the Indian way have lead Param to the most magical and lesser known places across the Indian subcontinent, and he knows exactly which place and when, for each purpose of travel. His respectful mannerisms have earned him a lot of friends in the local communities across the sub-continent. An environmentally conscious traveler Param works hard to reduce our carbon footprint and those of our guests.

His stories are engaging to say the least! A strong believer of the fact that unlearn and learn again is the way of life, each journey he undertakes is to experience something new and to redefine his own understanding.

In Param’s own words:

“We simply offer you the Indian subcontinent from a perspective which has matured here, in this land".

Paramveer Singh - Traveler's Democratic


Sarvesh Arora - Traveler's Democratic

An extremely avid traveler, a biker, a rock climber, an adventurer, a fire worshiper, and an entrepreneur; Sarvesh’s passion for life and his positivity are very infectious. His ability to see beauty and exceptionality in even the most mundane makes your passage through India a very memorable one! Being an avid traveler himself, Sarvesh understands the needs, wants and apprehensions of travelers very well. Born and brought up in Mumbai, this true blue Mumbaikar knows and loves every corner of this country. Ask him his favorite country in the world and without batting an eyelid the instant answer is India! Add to that his love for history and food, and you have a combination that will make you fall in love with this glorious country! Sarvesh is well versed with the history and journey of every single region and State in India from its inception to date, and his love for his country is extremely palpable when he indulges you in the minutiae of every place, and every cultural and historic detail.


“Never a tourist, always a traveler” in Sarvesh’s words. His unparalleled love for travel and travelers is what made this full time business owner join hands with Param to start helping travelers to his beloved country. So whether your interest lies in entertainment, party, culture, history, Indian spirituality, offbeat travel, or food; just let Sarvesh know and he will lead you to the very best his country offers, which includes the rarest hidden gems of India.

Highly educated, well traveled, diverse business interests and a love for cultures, history, food and global current affairs make Sarvesh an exceptional conversationalist, ensuring there is never a dull moment in your time spent here!

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